SYSYTURF’s new glue-free football grass

SYSTURF is a professional artificial grass manufacturer established in 1992. Lawns are widely used in football fields, tennis fields, courtyard leisure, swimming pools, gymnasiums, shopping malls and other places. All our lawns have passed SGS certification.

Recently, according to the feedback of market research and aiming at the customer’s demand, Sanyeping has developed a new product for professional football field, especially for the market demand of America, Australia and Canada.

High strength, high resilience and high water permeability

Usually, lawn manufacturers will punch holes in the back of lawn to meet the requirements of lawn water permeability. Usually, the drilling density can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers, and in rainy markets, such as Southeast Asia, Britain and other places, the density increases accordingly.

In view of the problems that may affect the effect of lawn carpet caused by traditional punching, SYSYTURF developed a brand-new punching-free lawn. Because of the new adhesive formula, water can easily seep from the bottom and back.

At the same time, due to the adoption of a brand-new adhesive formula and the S-shaped straw design, STEAM is stronger than the traditional football lawn, and has better upright resilience.

This product can be applied to professional football fields and football fields, with strong pull-out resistance and professional construction filling, which can better protect the health of athletes.2019-07-05 133654

Post time: May-14-2021