Factory making Lawn Turf Landscaping Synthetic Artificial

In order to meet the doubled business volume, the company purchased brand-new 5/8-5/16 tufting equipment. The tufting machine not only has the production advantages of traditional tufting machines, but also has infrared automatic sensing and correction, which provides a strong guarantee for the quality of artificial turf products in the future and can meet the growing market demand of sports turf. With the doubling of business volume, the company has also recruited new employees to supplement the field practice exercises of various projects, thus reserving talents for the future development of the company. The time of day lies in the morning, and the season of the year lies in spring. The good beginning of spring has laid a good foundation for the leap-forward development throughout the year. In order to complete the leap-forward development in 2020, everyone needs to guard against arrogance and rashness, work hard and forge ahead!

Post time: May-10-2021