4 colour 30mm artificial grass Garden Realistic Natural Turf Fake Lawn

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Model no Aloe-30T4 Colour temperature 4 Dynamic Colors
Application Garden yarn count 11000dtex
Yarn height 30mm machine gauge 3/8 inch
Type without sand Artificial lawn foundation gravel base
texture of wood  PE backing pp+net cloth

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Item No. ALOE-30T4
Application Garden Decorative
Pile Content  U.V. Resistance PE Monofilament yarn
Yarn Count(Dtex) 11000 dtex
Yarn Height(mm) 30(±2mm)
Machine gauge 3/8inch
Tufts per Meter(LM) 160
Density Tufts/m²   16800
Installation filling Non-Filling
Color Four
loading quantity for 40'GP(m²) 5500-7000sqm
Guarantee 8-12 years


1. C-Shape PE yarn, 4 dynamic colors, Natural looking

2. Guarantee: 3-4 years, could be used outdoor/indoor

3. All weather use  with good water permeability

4.new products, the highest quality,

5.It is not affected by the site and can be used outdoors or indoors

6. Different greens look more like natural grass

7. It is not affected by climate and has good water permeability

 8.Recycling can be environmentally friendly

9.Ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance.

10. International SGS certification.


SYSTURF SAINTYOL SPORTS Co.,LTD (referred to as the clover lawn) is a professional manufacturer of artificial turf in china .in 1992,the “three” is a retail store engaged in ground material trade(3 employess ),after 25 years of product design,development,production and sales of professional manufacturers(team size of more than 150 people)users in more than and 40 countries all over the wor

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1. Measure the ground where artificial turf is to be installed

2. Open the artificial turf roll and trim it to fit the area.

3. Stick the glue to the ground and artificial grass backing.

4. Stick the tape on the ground and apply the glue

5. Make joints invisible and remove artificial grass without borders . After installation, you will find that artificial grass looks as natural and lifelike as living grass. For several reasons, maintaining the demand for artificial turf fields is crucial. These can be highlighted as follows: -Life-Performance-Safety Lack of maintenance will greatly shorten the service life of man-made sites. Therefore, investment in this field will suffer. Effective maintenance procedures will maximize the installation life and ensure many satisfactory service life. The maintenance system is based on the following simple rules: keep the surface clean-keep the filling level Why do you want to repair? -keep the fiber vertical

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